Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No pun, no fun.

Hmm, where to start?
On Friday night there is a special night on at the Tote:
A collective of bands are getting together for a series of gigs to raise funds for an operation for local musician Michael ‘Boof’ Hughes from the band Edward. Boof was in a near fatal car accident two years ago at age nineteen, which has left him permanently paralysed from the chest down. To raise money for cutting edge spinal treatment in India, the first in a series of benefit shows will be held at the Tote.

Which will be followed up toot sweet on Saturday when Sixfthick and Digger & the Pussycats do a two-backed beast of a single launch, with support from Little Athletics and Kretch.
Saturday is a bit problematic, actually- as well as the aforementioned, Dolly Rocker Movement are also doing a launch, just up the road at the Birmingham.

But I think overall I want to see the awesome Beaches launching their self-titled debut album over at the NSC:

I've had a copy for a couple of weeks now and have been playing it constantly. It's another excellent Mistletone Records release, a solid if somewhat late entrant for album of the year in my book.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fractured retrobilly boogie?

No, I don't know what it means either, but I like the sound of it:

I'm just pissed off I missed it- going on as I write. Next time, fer sure.
Meanwhile, I am morally and contractually obliged to mention that X are playing at the Espy tomorrow night (Friday) with Dollsquad* and the Sons Of Lee Marvin.

But gig of the week would have to be this:

Assassination Collective, Deaf Wish, Paper Planes, and Graveyard Train, presented by the Afterdark crew. It's an album launch and all, but even so, I think it's free. Or at least cheap. Not as cheap as those Ass. Co. boys, though. Watch out for that one in the pith helmet.

*any record label looking for a kick-arse girly garage rock album to unleash on the public, get in touch.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And more.

Yes, there's always more. More more more. Yes please.
On Friday, a big bill at Ding Dong:

The Surrealists haven't played for...oooh, quite a while. This show will also be the last for Witch Hats for a bit, as they will need to find a new drummer immediately afterwards, and mix their just-recorded second album. Pistons Misfire are a new outfit featuring Sam Agostino, from Kamikaze Trio/Digger & the Pussycats.

A Stax tribute night, for no particular reason I can see. Too many people playing to list- just read the poster, sucker. I like Yah Yah's- the stage is low, the bar is cheap and the bouncers are friendly.
Then on Saturday, after that Oogas gig mentioned previously, there are a couple of choices, like some more filthy garage rock from the Gruntled:

Seems like ages since I was at idGAFF. Note support from Selfish Gene- get there early, if only to see them all squash into the playing area.
While over in Richmond, a revamped Wrong Turn are playing:

I don't know why that came out so small. It's not my fault.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Enough said

There are a few things coming up, but I only have time for a quick and dirty post tonight.
The Ooga Boogas are launching their LP "Romance & Adventure" at Mario's Pizza, in Johnson St. Fitzroy, on Saturday. The record is awesome, this show promises to be special. And packed.

The last few copies of the album will be on sale, too. See you there.