Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old folks' home breakout.

Yep, more oldies on the horizon.
Can you read that?

It's from the liner notes of the Au Go Go Records "Slab Of Vic" compilation LP. Melbourne's gospel-rock legends The Slaughtermen are back on deck this Friday, 2nd. October, for the first time since 1995. AND the show is on at the excellent Oakleigh Bowls Club, too- $20 if there are any tickets left on the night.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, another Melbourne legend is doing a low-key warm up ahead of a couple of album launch shows later in the month.
Rowland S. Howard's first new material for some time, "Pop Crimes" will be out soon. I've already heard it, and I am completely sold on it. I know it's a school night, but things kick off early- at 4.00pm- and for only $10, in a smaller, more intimate venue, you would be mad to miss this. Supports include current buzz band St. Helens, too.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Album of the week- The UV Race: "The UV Race"

My fondness for these young pups' live outings has never been in doubt. After the early fumblings of their live-at-Missing Link cassette, and the demo/party mix CD (which included tracks by the Seeds, VOM, Stooges, Electric Eels and others mixed in with the band's own stuff) it's a relief to get hold of this album and realise they've pulled it off.
Scuzzy, raucous, utterly instinctive and full of self-confidence, it's everything you, or I, or any other band, could hope for from a debut album.

MOPBA 2009

Don't know how I missed mentioning this earlier...anyway, this year's annual Museum Of Particularly Bad Art exhibition and competition was launched last night. It's not giving too much away to mention that this was this year's winner, Ben Butcher's "Why Do We Need A Porpoise In Life?"

He's a photographer, usually.
Anyway, the exhibition runs at the Chapel Off Chapel, in Prahran, until September 27th, and is well worth a look. But not a long, thoughtful look, perhaps.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

(insert something clever here)

Sorry, but I've had a bit of a fucked up week, which involved two trips to hospital- (three, if you count one made by a good friend)- as well as a frantic workload.
Forgive me if this is kinda short and sweet- it's not easy to type with one hand in plaster.
Ghost Of Tape Man is from New Zealand, and he is a bit awesome. Imagine a good Bob Log II, but even better than that.
The line up for Saturday's show at the Old Bar also includes Singing Sadie, Graveyard Train, Made for Chickens by Robots (last show ever, apparently) and the Toot Toot Toots.

Despite seeing a great show at the NSC just last week, I don't really like Northcote. But I know a lot of people who do.

This year's High Vibes festival has a huge number of bands, playing at a huge number of venues, all along High Street Northcote. Check that link for current details- things keep getting added. Note also the alcohol bans in certain areas- these do get enforced, at least sometimes they do.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Album of the week- The Intercontinental Playboys: "Hymns Of The Flesh"

A fine album this, on my mate The Barman's I94 Bar Records.
It's a throwback in some ways, both echoing the "band as gang" spirit of days gone past and carrying a distinctly retro edge, which is mainly reinforced by the heavy use of Hammond organ. And by "heavy use" I mean it replaces bass guitar in the four-piece line up.
It has an agreeably sleazy edge at times, too. They've been knocking round for a while- this includes a couple of bonus tracks that go back to 2004- and will be making a return trip to Melbourne in a few weeks to launch this properly.
Until then, whack the disc on, adjust your smoking jacket, and peruse some gentlemen's literature while enjoying "Bad Queenie" and "The Maestro's Shadow".

Don't stab him.

Oops, too late.

Can you read that? It's meant to be telling you that Dirt Bag, Witch Hats & Love Of Diagrams are playing at the Northcote Social Club on Friday.
More info not on the poster- it's the launch show for Love Of Diagrams' new album "Nowhere Forever", Dirt Bag are some unholy crossbreed of the Twerps, Beaches, and Spider Vomit, and it's $15.00 on the door.

On Saturday, El Trasho Loco celebrates it's first birthday at the Tote, and are spreading the joy both downstairs and upstairs. This should be a great night- the Exotics are always a class act, and it's good to see them playing this. Graveyard Train's last show here was a sellout. Special guest international DJ too, I hear. Playing times as follows:
Band Room: Exotics - 11.45 – 12.30
Graveyard Train - 10.45 – 11.15
Benny and the Fly By Niters - 9.45 – 10.15
High Fangs - 8.45 – 9.15
The Rebelles - 7.45 – 8.15

Cobra Bar: Dunhill Blues - 11.35 – 12.05
Greasy Hawaiians - 10.45 – 11.15
Toot Toot Toots - 9.55 – 10.25
Deadbeat Club - 9.05 – 9.35
The Swindlers - 8.15 – 8.45

If you are for some fresh air on Sunday, the final round of the Pub Footy is taking place at Victoria Park, in Collingwood. Yes, that Victoria Park. Kick off is at 1.00, with the Old Bar Unicorns vs. the Bar Open Bats, to be followed by the East Brunswick Club vs. the Tote "around 3.00 or so".


More words, elsewhere.

The spring issue of A Fine Line magazine is now up, and available for download here.
70+ pages, with some great pics and fine articles- no, nothing by yours truly, if that's what you are wondering. Some friends are featured, though.
Forward that link to your work email and print it out there, to read on the trip home. I did.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Album of the week- James McCann: "Bound For The Blues"

It's been a while since James McCann's last release, though he hasn't been quiet. He plays pretty regularly, and seems to have a floating band of friends and guests who swap in and out as needed. Here the musicians are credited as the Dirty Skirt Band.
This is, as you may expect from the title, a tad bluesier than his previous album, "Where Was I Then?" but is basically the same kind of solid guitar based stuff. He has a knack for a short honest lyric phrase, as well as one for thick echoing guitar work-outs. That's not to say this is unsubtle, though.
On Torn & Frayed Records, probably the only notable thing currently coming out of Nagambie.

A sly Thursday.

Well, that was fun.
I survived the inaugural Sydney Flip Out, just. Highlights are too numerous to mention, really, and basically boil down to hanging out with fine people and keeping within earshot of great music. Oh, and some beer. There are live sets from most of the bands here - thanks, Morris.
If you are in Melbourne and can't wait, this show at the Tote tomorrow may help:

James Arthur is a Texan hick who spent a lotta time as the driving force behind some of the best '90s underground garage/punk/psych bands like Fireworks, Necessary Evils, Feast of Snakes and the Golden Boys, among others, and recording for all the hippest labels of the day like Crypt, In The Red, Sympathy, even appearing on fine Aussie imprints Au-go-go and Dropkick. He's been dormant for a while, distilling a toxic brew of psychedelic noise in the basement of his ranch in the Hill Country outside of Austin.
He's just got together a new band, JAMES ARTHUR'S MANHUNT, and has recorded an LP for Australian taste-makers Aarght! Records. We are proud to bring you the first such JA foray in some time. Manhunt will be touring
Australia in August & September of this year in support of the LP, playing at both Flip Out Festivals in Melbourne and Sydney, with a handful of side shows.
We don't know what a manhunt is. James is kinda gay.
Which is cool and all, and ballsy for a Texan.
That's only$10, and kicks off around 8.30pm