Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interstate action, pt. II

Geez, I'm gonna run up against a federal beef one day, with these interstate movements. Thank fuck the Mann Act doesn't apply here. And anyway, officer, her mum told me she was 19, and she looked at least 17...
So (ahem), to business. While Flip Out kicks off in Sydney this weekend, Melbourne is not dead. Oh, no. I would gladly be heading over to the Tote for Mother And Father's CD launch, if I could.

Great supports, and a great record label too. If you do go, please feel free to whack my retarded nephew, DJ Ka-Plosion, over the head with a Saints record or an empty beer jug for me.
But I will be elsewhere- a warehouse in the arse end of S-Town:

I have no idea what Dirty Shirlows is like, but this looks killer:Pink Reason, Fabulous Diamonds, ZOND, and Bedwettin' Bad Boys. Seems like a good mix to me, and an ideal appetizer for the main course of Flip Out on Saturday.
If I were to be in Melbourne on Saturday, I can think of nowhere better to be than at Yah Yah's, for the launch of James McCann's excellent new album, "Bound For The Blues"

Also featuring Crystal Thomas and the Flowers of Evil, wrapped up with a great Rick Chesshire poster, and for free, too. Get plenty of that, while you can. I would, if I could.
Wish my liver luck, people.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Album of the week- Woman: "Woman".

An odd one, this, but a good one.

WOMAN are a four piece based out of New York, who have been knocking around for a while. Somehow, they ended up on the mighty Spanish label, BANG! Records, for their debut album. And somehow, a copy ended up in Melbourne, with me.
Maybe that's not so odd really. The dirty rock riffs, huge rhythms and continent-sized slabs of guitar screech are very Melbourne, in a way. This would sound right at home on a local label like Spooky.
Fuck knows what they are on about. "When The Wheel's Red" pushes a lot of dials into the red, that's for sure. It ends with a jagged, wailing instrumental called "Icy Drone"
I'm sure I'm not the only person in town who'd pay good money to see these guys tearing up the Tote on a bill with, say, Sailors & Swine and the Stabs. Make it happen, someone.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Butthole Surfers: "Hey" (live, 1985)

I was just watching the "Blind Eye Sees All" DVD with my buddy Andrew, and figured, what the hell.

This was filmed live in Detroit in 1985, though you may notice some cuts between takes- mostly in Gibby Hayes' outfit. Andrew thinks they are just like Equal Local- I don't. But this still strikes both of us as being just as amazing today as it did back then.
"Get your hands off me!"

Flip Out returns, and expands.

It was one of the live highlights of last year. Now the Flip Out Festival returns, and is also extending slimy tentacles north to Sydney.
It's on at something called the Manning Bar on Saturday, August 29. Line up:
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Pink Reason (USA)
Goodnight Loving (USA)
James Arthur's Manhunt (USA)
Ooga Boogas
Naked On The Vague
The UV Race
The Stabs
Super Wild Horses
Slug Guts
Deaf Wish
Royal Headache

There's a fairly hefty Melbourne contingent heading up for that, including yours truly, ahead of their hometown leg, which is staying at the Corner, and is on Saturday September 5, with the following:

Pink Reason (USA)
Goodnight Loving (USA)
James Arthur's Manhunt (USA)
Ooga Boogas
Naked On The Vague
Super Wild Horses
Slug Guts
The Disbelievers
The Native Cats
Dick Diver
The Twerps
Teen Archer

There's the usual barbecues, records stalls, shenanigans and beer going on. Seriously, if you blow a chance to get to one of these- or both, maybe?- you are a damn fool.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Album of the week- Witch Hats: "Solarium Down The Causeway".

Yes, yes, I know it's an EP, not an album. Get fucked.

Witch Hats
have been a bit of a favorite of mine for some time now. Live or on record, they let loose with joyful raucous blasts of noise while still having a keen ear for hooks and melody. They never take themselves too seriously, and frankly I'm not the only person in town who is surprised they've kept it together for so long.
This was written and (mostly) recorded during their long, long tour of the US, and is a pretty awesome psychic snapshot of...something.
Out now on new Melbourne label Z-Man Records, it comes as a CD or on 10" vinyl.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to the futu...well, the past, actually.

Hmm, another retrospective weekend. I don't apologise for this- as far as I can see, it's all part of one wide spectrum, and any part of it can and should be enjoyed by anyone.
Anyway, I mentioned the Little Murders reissue earlier this week- it's getting an official launch at the Tote on Friday.

That should be a fine sweaty night, and it's only $10.00
On Sunday afternoon, a bunch of folks are gathering at the Corner for a one-off (yeah I know everyone always says that, but I think this time it's actually true) reformation show by the Ears.

Hot on the heels of the recent "Dogs In Space" re-release, this promises to be pretty big. And it's being co-presented by Dolores San Miguel- if that's not a mark of quality for the era in question, I don't know what is.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Album of the week- Little Murders: "Stop! plus singles, 1978-1986"

Another album of the week- and this one goes back quite a few weeks, actually- to about 1986.

Off The Hip Records presents "Stop! plus singles, 1978 - 1986", by Little Murders. This CD collects all 27 studio recordings from this seminal Melbourne punkish powerpop outfit. Alongside contemporaries like The Riptides, The Scientists, and Young Modern, Little Murders set the blueprint for late '70s Australian powerpop. With 24 page full colour booklet. Fully remastered. The CD will be launched with a special show at the Tote on Friday 14th. August.

Little Murders were an early live fave of mine back in the day, and this CD contains the photographic evidence to prove it. I got hold of a copy of this the other day, and have been listening to it pretty much non-stop. Geddit?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Album of the week- Marf Loth, "Cigarettes In Paintbuckets"

Not sure how many of these I may end up doing- it really depends on what comes through, and what catches my ear, I guess.
Anyway, this arrived at random the other day, and is really quite strange and excellent.

Recorded in someone's house, by a band that barely exists outside the mind of main man Nathan Roche, it's a scuzzy lo-fi classic. The vocals are almost impenetrable, and half of the guitar work sounds like someone practising chords they'd learnt that afternoon. Having said that, it's full of ideas and has an energy which would put most other "real" outfits to shame. There's a reference to Alex Chilton's "Like Flies On Sherbet" in the liner notes- if you're a fan of that (still amazing) bucket of guts, you'll probably like this, too.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Caution- contains football.

A big night at the Espy on Friday, with GUT, Dollsquad, Gun Street Girls and the Meanies playing out back in the Gershwin Room, and Kids Of Zoo, the Once Overs and the New Christs in the front bar. The whole thing is free, which makes me wonder why the two rooms are being separately promoted. I also wonder why the fucking Espy now has a Flash site, which makes it impossible to snag images.
The New Christs show is by way of launching their excellent new album, "Gloria", out now on Impedance Records:

They'll also be playing at the Tote on Saturday, and are promising to return soon as part of a full tour.
Speaking of the Tote, on Sunday afternoon their footy team takes on the Old Bar Unicorns (motto:" Feel the Fantasy"). Also playing are the Bar Open Bats versus the East Brunswick Club. Kickoff is around 1.00, at Brunswick Park, Hope St. Brunswick. That's a kid, dog and booze-friendly event.

And you could follow that up with the latest in the (appalling named) Sundae Workers Series, at the Workers Club- which is just the old Rob Roy tarted up a bit.
This week's is the last one, and features the Primitive Calculators, UV Repairs (some unholy blend of UV Race and the Repairs) and Brain Children DJs, all for $10.00

UPDATE: the football referred to above has been put back until next weekend. And moved.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Double Dogs.

Well, I spoke too soon.
On Saturday afternoon I managed to pick up a ticket to "Dogs In Space", so duly headed along. It was excellent to see it on a big screen, and the restoration looks and sounds fantastic. The story is still as random as ever, and the music is still great- Marie Hoy's version of "Shivers" had me in a cold sweat.
By a stroke of luck (and kindness- thanks, Richard) I also ended up going back to see "We're Livin' On Dog Food" on Sunday as well. This is the trailer, which may give you some idea of what it's like:

It does a brilliant job of examining some of the people, places and influences of early Melbourne punk. Watching it while sitting next to Dolores San Miguel, who is one of the people featured (in both old footage and a recent interview), added a whole other layer to the experience. Yes, she gasped when she saw herself on screen.
Before and after both movies there was a bit of time to catch up with some old friends, a couple of whom I hadn't seen for decades. Literally, twenty years or more. And now I have Wirlywirld stuck in my head- but I can live with that.
You really should get onto this.