Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brothers, Dames.

A couple of specials on this week.

The Puta Madre Brothers are an experience pretty much unlike any other. Three guys, each with a guitar and a kick drum, just like in the picture, they make a strange, loud, howling racket. It's good to see them with an album out:
I'm pretty sure that title translates as "cheese and balls"by the way. Go figure.
Then on Saturday, you can catch what I think is the second outing, maybe the third, for the Dames, over at the Great Britain:

I have no idea what to expect from this, but given the ladies involved- Clare Moore, Kaye-Louise Patterson and Rosie Westbrook- I'd assume it'd be pretty good.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Tram Home presents...#4

I think this is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?
May 8th, the Old Bar. See you there.
As the Hicks would say, "This is gonna be gooooood."

Big thanks to Jez for his very autumn-ish piece of work this time round, too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

JJJ- an apology (kinda).

Like no doubt many of you, I've often been less than complimentary about our national "youth broadcaster", JJJ. I rarely if ever listen to it, and indeed have been known to suggest (on more than one occasion) that it would be a far better enterprise if it was being run by that young, gothy-looking girl who works behind the counter at JB HiFi in Chadstone.
But- but- allow me to go on record as saying that presenter Dom Alessio is clearly someone who knows what the fuck he is on about.

Longerer weekend.

How long since these guys played in Melbourne?

They will play an in-store at Missing Link on Friday at 5pm; a solo show as A Cloakroom Assembly (Scattered Order) and Shane Fahey (Makers of the Dead Travel Fast) at Loophole Community Centre in Thornbury on Saturday, supported by Charles Ives singers, Matthew Brown and Breathing Shrine; and finally at The Toff in Town on Sunday with Free Choice Duo and Paeces.
Yes. Scattered Order for free, at Missing Link, on Friday. Sticking with the oldies theme:

I have seen the Little Murders three times this year, I think, and they have never sounded so good. If you want real power-pop/mod/new wave stuff, they are still the real deal.
Then on Sunday, you can enjoy this, at the Old Bar, safe in the knowledge that Monday is a public holiday:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not technically "records".

It was Record Store Day again on the Saturday just past. There appears to be some sort of shenanigans/argument going on around this, which I neither understand nor care about. What was important was that I managed to hit two participating stores in the space of a few hours.
At Polyester in Brunswick St. I bought a copy of "Prayers On Fire", from Julia Zemiro, of all people. That's three I have now- red vinyl, black vinyl and CD.

Listening to it later I was struck by how well it has aged. It is monstrously good- clever, heartfelt and immensely changeable from track to track.
Then, in the afternoon, I ducked into Greville Records over in Prahran to see Warwick and Steve, and grabbed this absolute pearl:

Details and samples can be found right here. I've had volume two- sadly, there are only two volumes- of this for a while now, it's good to finally make it a pair.
So, two CDs, for a grand total of $35, requiring a cross-town trip (which I woulda been making anyway) a bit of conversation and a few beers. A good day's work all round, even better that it was all done by 5.00pm.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

(think of a title later)

I'm still in a bit of a distracted state for some reason. But allow me to surface long enough to draw some fine events to your attention.

I have been seeing Intoxica and/or their predecessors for a long, long time, and they never fail to deliver. Them Jacknives are pretty good too. Both of 'em for free over at the Retreat sounds like a fine way to spend an evening.
Or if you prefer something newer and, um, "edgier":

Chrome Dome are releasing an album and a 7', simultaneously, on the same night BUT on two different labels- Lexicon Devil and No Patience respectively. That's on at the Worker's Club in Fitzroy, with supports from Lakes, Free Choice, Repairs and No Zu. Not sure what it's going to cost, but I'm guessing it won't break the bank.
I also plan to brew my first batch of beer in a long time. Which will no doubt add to my distraction in the weeks to come.
And let me just drop this out there in an oh-so-subtle plug.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Down time.

But I have been busy.
I read this
and this

And I watched the movie, too. The book is better than the movie, by the way.
I ate some of this

and this.
I drank a few Bloody Marys in a park on Good Friday, as well.

I was there at Parliament House for this, which was great.

Oh, and I bought (a print of) this

Now, back to business.
This will either be great, or fucking atrocious:

Circle Pit are, after all, a band who choose to participate in internet threads started expressly to give them shit. And for that they deserve some respect. Or interest, maybe, or a kick in the teeth. Who knows?
Anyway. Normal business has resumed. Oh, and Melburnians- or anyone who will be in Melbourne on the night- should pencil the next "Last Tram Home presents..." show on May 8th at the Old Bar into their diaries right now.