Thursday, February 25, 2010


There's some stiff competition for your attention this Saturday.
At Pony, Spitfire Parade are simultaneously launching their debut album...and splitting up.

Which seems to me an odd way of going about things, but there you go. Support from YIS, Deep Where All Drown and the Sunday Reeds.

But then again... Kim Salmon and the Surrealists are taking an ATP-style run through their 1988 album "Hit Me With The Surreal Feel", over at the Northcote Social Club. And that has supports from Sydney's Holy Soul, as well as Witch Hats, who are playing their last show for a while.

For a change of pace on Sunday, the National Gallery of Victoria is hosting a "Last Day Of Summer" show. Being broadcast live on RRR, it features Henry Wagon, Beaches, Crayon Fields and Ned Collette & Wirewalker. And it's free.

Worst journalist in Australia- vote now.

My friend Ben Butler has been nominated in a pissy internet tantrum that's been set up by notable Australian scumbag Dr. Geoffrey Edelsten. I'm not sure what he wrote to deserve this rant:
The title 'business affairs editor" appears under his name, but his articles display an appalling lack of any business knowledge. There is no doubt that despite his ability to confirm a proposed story as being factual, he is not disposed to do so. This allows him to write a story embellished with incorrect facts, and worsened by ommission of explanations, which instantaneously destroys the foundation of the story. The public should be aware that this 'journalist' and his editors set out to deliver a sensational story, more often than not, as a lead news story but deliberately avoid enquiring of the truth of the matter.

But Ben never wins anything- please go here and vote for him. He'd be honoured.

Full disclosure- I had stitches put in my arm at an Edelsten-owned clinic in Frankston, back in 1987 or so. The service was OK and the big screen TV in the waiting room was a blessing. Though I'm still not sure why they needed a grand piano in the middle of the room.

UPDATE- He won! Well done, Ben. Now, when will Edelsten pony up with the prize?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SLAM Rally.

Well, that was fun.
It's hard to convey just what it feels like to march down the middle of the main streets of your home town on a sunny afternoon, with 10,000 or so friends, all for a good cause. This video will give you some idea of the kinda casual, relaxed and goddam noisy nature of the thing:

This article is a great overview, even if the crowd estimate is perhaps somewhat generous.
I was very proud to be there, and to be part of the group of people I was with, even if some of the speeches at the end got a little...serious:

The organisers, the bands, and everyone who came should pat themselves on the back today, and then prepare for round two.

Thanks to Colette for that photo.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hack hack hack.

Hmm, sorry about that brief break in transmission. Let's pile a load of stuff into this one, shall we?

If you missed AC/DC playing at Airline Stadium in Melbourne last week, then this tribute show at the Old Bar may be some small (very small) compensation:

I understand one of the Oldie's owners is celebrating his beard's 21st birthday, or something of that nature, on Friday night, too. Whatever- he's a guy who has been known to drink gin & Red Bull at times, so, y'know, approach with caution.

Then remember to set the alarm early-ish so you can get a good spot on the grass at this:

Playing times:
12.30-1.00: The Brutals
1.20-1.50: The Orbweavers
2.10-2.40: Grace Before Meals (Syd)
3.00-3.30: East Brunswick All Girls Choir
3.50-4.20: Denim Owl
4.40-5.10: Teeth & Tongue
5.30-6.10: Ned Collette & Wirewalker
6.30-7.10: Crow (Syd)
7.30-8.00: Alphabethead (NZ)
8.30-9.00: The Rebelles
9.20-10.00: Dave McCormack & The Polaroids

Last year's show was one of the best gigs of the year. Remember- BYO but no glass, don't forget the sunscreen, and only a complete arsehole would quibble about paying that entry "donation".

If you find the thought of being out doors in the evening a bit scary, you can leave early and head to the Birmy for this:

I have not seen this Taco Leg mob, but am very keen to.

Then a change of pace on Sunday:

Singer/songwriter LOENE CARMEN’s spectacular fourth album It Walks Like Love, released December last year, will receive a belated Melbourne album launch on Sunday 21st February at the Toff In Town. Carmen will perform with her live band and co-conspirators, young punks Brock Fitzgerald and Sam Pearton from The Scare on guitar and drums respectively and right hand man, bass player Sam Worrad, from garage rockers Holy Soul.

At some stage I also need to find time to check out the chinos at Chadstone. But you don't need to worry about that.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Early mail on SLAM.

I guess it goes without saying that anyone who reads this blog should try and get along to this.

On the 23rd of February, coinciding with the 34th anniversary of AC/DC’s famous ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ film clip shoot down Swanston St, S.L.A.M (Save Live Australia’s Music) is organising a protest in support and celebration of the music scene in Victoria where current liquor licensing laws threaten to pull the plug on live music.
We will meet at 4pm outside the State Library and make our way along Swanston St and up Bourke St to Parliament House in Spring St where we will have guest speakers from 6-7pm.
We have organised the RocKwiz Orchestra with guest performers to lead the rally, repeating the three chords from ‘It’s A Long Way to the Top’ in the back of a flat bed truck as we follow – ALL 10,000 + OF US – holding placards and instruments chanting down these ridiculous laws.
Lack of support for this precious industry has gone on for too long.
Celebrate the diversity of Victorian music – this will be a day to remember!

You can sign up here to show support and keep informed.
See you there.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Not 100% sure what I'll be up to this weekend. Seems like some of my usual steady standby options are not available. Time for something new?
This "Everyday People" thing on Saturday could be good:

Guy Blackman, Always, Rat Vs Possum, Keith! Party, Flying Scribble, Space Cactus, Owl + Moth, Scout! Scout!, Isle Adore, Hammocks & Honey, He Said, She Said, Loveletting And The Weeping Hearts, Fuckyouastrology, Courtney Barnett, + More To Be Announced, + Performances By Spill Collective.
All that for only $16.00, at Penny Black in Sydney Rd. Brunswick.

On Sunday, there are two distinct and mutually-exclusive choices.
A boat trip on the bay:

And a record fair/gig at Yah Yah's:

Depends on the weather and the state of my wallet, I guess.