Friday, March 27, 2009

Distant shores.

A bit of a mixed bag on a fairly quiet weekend, but there a few gems.

Beaches are playing their last show for a few months at the Tote on Friday 27th March- one of them (Alison, I believe) is taking some time out to travel. This looks pretty good:

On Saturday, a couple of old hands are out and about- Conway Savage is playing at Pure Pop Records at 6.00pm, while later in the evening- though I'm unsure exactly when- the Primitive Calculators continue their run of low-key reformation shows at the Rear View Gallery, 244 Smith St. Collingwood. That kicks off at 8.00pm, and is a bargain at only $5.00
On Sunday things will get fucking noisy for a while on the southside. Might be a good time to head over to Yah Yah's for the last of Nathan Hollywood's residency gigs.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Graney in hell.

Hmm, as ever, just when you think you have Dave Graney pegged, he makes a suprise move, and comes up holding a set of nunchuks that you never suspected he had. This is not part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival- I'll let him tell the tale:

"Live in Hell" is the sequel to the narrative show "Point Blank" and will be playing at the Butterfly Club from Thursday 26th March to Saturday 28th March.
The Butterfly Club fits 50 people and the show is performed without microphones. POINT BLANK was about a performer walking onto a stage and fighting for the territory. He wins it. It engulfs him. This is what happens next. Dave Graney tells the tale and sings his songs and some by fellow travellers in HELL (Elvis Presley, Roxy Music, the Fall, the Doors) accompanied by Clare Moore on a tiny kit, Stu Thomas with a fuzz baritone and Stu Perera on nylon string guitar.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fitting tribute.

I can't really add enything to the email I got telling me about this.

Ron Asheton Tribute Night featuring Bored! with guest vocalists Fiona Maynard and Mike Keane playing the songs of The Stooges and Destroy all Monsters! Also playing Kim Salmon, Mick Harvey and Deafwish! Its a benefit for injured wildlife in the Victorian bushfires so come on down!!!
$10, at Cherry Bar, in AC/DC Lane.

Friday dilemma.

Something of a culture clash this Friday, 20th. March.
At the Thornbury Theatre, something special.
Melbourne’s exceptionally gifted Mann brothers perform on a rare double bill in the splendour of the palatial Thornbury Theatre. This is a final hometown show before Oliver Mann departs for a European tour, while the prolific Grand Salvo (aka Paddy Mann) will preview new songs from his forthcoming album, before he also heads off overseas.

Oliver Mann is extraordinary- his album, "The Possum Wakes At Midnight", was an astonishing highlight of last year.
But, very much on the other hand, the mighty Pink Fits are in town launching their new album, "Deja Blues", (out now on Off The Hip) at the Tote, with support from the Vandas and Midnight Woolf.

Diversity makes for some tough calls, people.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The time is nearing for the announcement of this year's Australian Music Prize winner. And that's all there is apparently- an announcement, due to made on Friday. I haven't seen anything about any sort of actual ceremony.
While the short list looks interesting:
Apocalypso – The Presets
Beaches – Beaches
Havilah – The Drones
In Ghost Colours – Cut Copy
Jungle Blues – CW Stoneking
Love Is Gone – Jack Ladder
Presque Vu – Tom Cooney
Primary Colours – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Sympathy For the New World – Ross McLennan
they still leave me cold for some reason. Is it the lack of anything other than cold hard cash as recognition? The rumours of big-name politics behind the scenes? Their continuing failure to make any meaningful impact in the mainstream? I'm not sure. The Drones seemed to have parlayed their 2005 win into something, though I think that's more down to them, really.
Whatever. I hope ECSR win, though I expect to be disappointed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More nudity.

Hmm, not a lot of info available on this, but anyway...

It would appear that the Brightspace Gallery in St. Kilda is hosting an exhibition of artworks by Mick Turner, featuring pictures of nudes, starting this Thursday, the 19th, and running through until 8th April.
Mick is the guitarist for the Dirty Three, and his pics have graced most (all?) of their album covers, if you are wondering why the style is familiar.

The continued nude theme is completely unintentional, by the way.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Truth to tell, these folks lost me when they insisted that helmets must be worn, but anyway:

This is a secret ride.....
Once everyone has arrived at 3pm at the Union Club Hotel, Corner of Gore and Webb Sts (the assembly place) and meet all the riders over a refreshment, we will ride to a undisclosed location to de-brief and paint slogans and decorate our bikes and bodies in preparation for the start. This time...we are prepared and are supported by a police liaison lawyer......protecting our rights...Everyone will have the chance to go naked!
Protest in blissful naked totally non threatening peaceful vulnerability. Inspire others to get out their bikes and join in the fun and delight of no emissions and naked freedom.
The WNBR message addresses the world wide issue of sustainable transport and advocates more environmentally friendly cycling and less polluting cars and trucks.
The WNBR is an annual clothing-optional protest ride for naturism, environmentalism, peace and the rights of cyclists to use the road safely.
Hmm, I don't know how "secret" this can be if it's all over the internet, but anyway, the weather forecast for Sunday is good, so who knows?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Noisy but feeble.

Apologies. Although this show looks interesting in it's own right, this is really just about me finally seizing the chance to write a post featuring Melbourne noise duo John Butler Fucks Kids. With a pic, yet. Not an actual picture of them, though- that would be a bit scary. But it's rare enough to see their name on a poster:

Blah blah it's at the Applecore house blah blah Saturday 14th March blah blah do you know what a bowcaster is blah blah what no Lamefoot? blah blah I want to see Truth From Facts blah blah see you there.

Update: this was great. I nearly got squashed by a falling tree on the way there- that was a good indication of what was to come. Saw some old friends, made some new ones. The Truth From Facts set is available here, if you care to listen.

Better late than never.

Being the sensitive and caring kind of guy I am, I was thinking about International Women's Day this weekend just past, when I realised that the Melbourne music scene are celebrating a week late.
Yes, ladies, the most handsome men in town are playing for your pleasure this weekend.
On Friday 13th, at Ding Dong, Rowland S. Howard plays with the Stabs and Nathan Hollywood*

Rowland's band for this show includes J.P. Shilo on bass and Mick Harvey on drums. This is definitely worth a look. $12 on the door.
Then, on Saturday at the Espy, there's an Aarght! Records showcase of sorts, featuring New Orleans duo Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and UV Race. I do not know why there is no poster art for this event- here's a picture of Quintron instead:

* nb- Hollywood is actually quite handsome, so I'm told.