Saturday, May 29, 2010

Found it.

Thanks to Rene Schaefer for bringing this to my attention.

Boy, I hope Nick really does get that tattooed on his face.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Choose choice.

A bit more on offer this week.
On Friday, you may want to take a chance on the Thod, playing the last night of their May residency at the Royal Derby in Brunswick St. with a couple of others. Entry is free, and beers are cheap. Did you know I almost got bitten on the neck by a pet snake upstairs at the Derby, many years ago? It's true.

On Saturday, eternal sideman and all round nice guy Stu Thomas is playing at Pure Pop in St. Kilda, in support of his new album, "Escape From Algebra". I haven't heard it yet, but I have seen the Paradox a few times and they are always worth your time and attention.

You could always hang around a bit after that, and check out what's on offer at the St. Kilda Film Festival , but I'd suggest heading over to Yah Yah's in Smith St. Collingwood to catch the last ever show by Deaf Wish. You would think that someone would get the coloured pencils out for such a great band's final gig, but try as I might, I can't find a poster for this anywhere. Supports are from the Stabs (who were in great form at the Old Bar last week) and Teen Archer. $12.00 gets you in, doors at 9.00, with Mikey Young DJing afterwards til 5.00am

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Grong, and yet so right.

Anyway, I'm either losing my touch or getting much more selective. This is another week where one show stands out- another visit by mighty back-from-the-grave Adeladians Grong Grong.

It's all there on that rather fine poster, I guess, expect for the fact that Saturday's Old Bar show now also includes ZOND as well as the Stabs as supports. And, er, me, DJing afterwards, from 1 til 3.00am, when I will be playing the most unholy mess of filthy noise I can dig out. Do come.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shipping alert.

A nice spread of stuff on this week. Like this, at the East Brunswick Club on Friday:
Mistletone proudly presents legendary New Zealand band The Chills in their first Australian tour since 1992, playing two shows only in Melbourne and Sydney. One of the key proponents of the Flying Nun sound, The Chills have been much loved since the early 1980s for their charming, hook-laden guitar pop. The combination of their live energy and the consistent quality of their songs have established them as one of the most well-known NZ groups to date - particularly in the USA, UK and Europe. Having grown more iconic and relevant to indie pop as each year passes, there is huge anticipation for the return to Australia of The Chills and their heavenly pop hits.
Supports are from Guy Blackman and the (excellent) East Brunswick All Girls Choir. but I think that may be sold out.

On Saturday, my mate Zac (who mans the complaints desk over at Pissing On The Mainframe) insists that the Old Bar is the place to be, and I think he may be right:

And- is this Muppet lovefest on Sunday night at the Thornbury Theatre some Gen Y thing? Raised on "Sesame Street", I never really rated the crappy English TV show. But clearly some people did, and still do. This is an all-ages show to mark the 20th anniversay of Jim Henson's death, and has a hugeline up:
Performed by an array of local bands, dancers and comedians including Eagle & The Worm, Bum Creek & Shags Chamberlain, Super Wild Horses, Guy Blackman, Simone Page Jones, Clairy Baby Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes, Sophia Brous, The Suitcase Royale, Ooga Boogas, The UV Race, Heavy Mental, The Ukeladies, Manas Pandey & Lilith Lane, Evelyn Morris & Extreme Wheeze, Geoff O'Connor, Jessica Says, with Jess McGuire & Tony Biggs from RRR as Statler & Waldorf, the Thornbury Primary School chorus line and our very special guest star Kamahl!

It's all a bit academic for me, though, as I plan to spend the weekend admiring a couple more of Victoria's fine coastal lighthouses.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Get your own trumpet.

Look, I don't want to boast, but LTH 4 really is the best thing on this weekend. Well, apart from the X/UV Race show, but that's on Friday.

Aided by a massive press campaign (thanks, Paddy) it's a cert to sell out early. I'll be at the bar if anyone needs me.