Thursday, November 04, 2010

Two men...

 with a shared past are both playing this weekend.
Leaving aside the excellent prospect of Do The Robot playing with Ninetynine at the Old Bar on Friday, Brian Henry Hooper is launching a new album over at the Espy:
It's on Spooky Records, and despite having not heard it yet, I'd assume it is fucking great.

On Saturday, don't drink too much at that Sixfthick 15th. birthday show at the Tote- you'll need to be in good shape for Sunday evening, and the first show of Kim Salmon's month-long residency at the Old Bar:
33 years of music in a month of Sundays and not a song repeated!
Kim Salmon will focus his attention each Sunday in November - at the Old Bar, on a different musical combo featuring different aspects of his diverse career. One week you may expect to hear The Surrealists, another, The Scientists, another his latest avant guard musings and on another the rest - i.e. Beasts of Bourbon, Antenna, The Business and maybe even a riff or two from SALMON
All that for $8.00? I'm there- in fact, I'm DJing after Kim's set.

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